React.js in the next few weeks

About a week ago, React.js conference was so good. I have been take my hand dirty on most of popular javascript frontend framework such as Emberjs as well as Angularjs.

For me Angularjs seem not scale well enough for big complex web application. If I am not wrong, even google they are not use angular.

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I just publish my new KB site

In the past few years, I have been often learn a lot of programming language as well as a tons of existing web technology available on the market. But I never note all of that down, then I realize I should kept it in one place.

So today I create yet another blog to keep all of my stuff. is power by hexo which is static site generator in node.js.

good luch, have fun!

The Previous 6 Months

Basic start

Previously I have a blog as well but I take it down about 6 months. Today I decide to bring it up again to share something that I had been face for the last half year and for the future of me.

In the last 6 months, there are a lot of things happen to me both good and worst. Not too many people understand what i’m doing right now. But It is ok to live a life that other don’t understand.

About the university life: I finish that but I am not get the best result.

About the work: Recently, I work with front-end web development, maintain the site, and the big project is consuming the web application which I have to create client web application to consume the system that come with SOAP and WSDL service. It was very excited for me that I get the chance to work with an enterprise web application.

About the life: from the quote

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